by Susan Wang

Winning for the sake of winning is not the goal for the girls softball team this season.
With seniors who strive to support and help younger players, the team feels that softball has been a great bonding experience.
Sophomore Molly Rowe says, “I love being a part of the team because it is relatively small, and I get to really know everyone on the team.”
Under the guidance and mentoring of coach Theresa Reyes, the team won against their rival, Westridge School, with a score of 11-8.
“[Coach Reyes] understands how we work, and she is able to have just as much fun as we do,” said captain senior Morgan Peterson.
Sometimes, all the lightheartedness on the field does not yield success in winning matches.
“Sometimes it doesn’t exactly help us win, but even when we’re losing, we are still laughing and having a great time on the field!” said Peterson.
Overall, the team bonding has many rewards, and the players are ecstatic about their close friendship.
“We have a lot of fun together, and we are all friends,” said senior Nicole Hutchison. “My favorite part of this season has been going to Yummy Yogurt with the team on Fridays.”
The team does have a priority in trying develop and grow as a team overall and as individual players.
Rowe said, “I’d really like to grow as a hitter. I definitely need more practice, and I’d really like to get better as the season goes on.”
Similarly, Hutchison hopes to contribute her all into her last season of softball at Chadwick: “My goal for the season is to help the team out however I can so we can do our very best.”