by Montana Morgan

Off to a swift and steady start, the swim team held their Spirit Day competing against Flintridge Prepratory School and the Webb Schools.
The girls swim team began the meet with a resounding and gratifying win against Flintridge.
“Flintridge is a very good team to play when we want to boost our self-esteem,” said captain junior Elyse Werksman.
However, the girls team did lose to one of their top rivals, Mayfield, who took the league title last year.
“Mayfield has quite an army of swimmers, but there were still some good races,” said coach Diane Gallas. “ We won a lot of events, but we just didn’t have as much depth as they did.”
“We were all kind of broken down that meet. We’ve been doing a lot of really tough practices, so none of us are really peaking yet, but we were happy with how it went,” said Werksman.
Werksman also has high hopes for the future of the girls team.
“There are a lot of girls that are trying to go below a minute in the 100 [meter] free [style], which is a really big feat, so I’m really excited to see [how they do],” said Werksman.
The girls team will have to compete and win against a myriad of solid and seasonedprep league teams.
Captain junior Matty Gallas is optimistic about the girls’ chances and believes Chadwick can do it, “The girls will have to beat some strong competitors like Poly, Westridge, and Mayfield, who all have very good club swimmers and deep teams; however, I’d say the girls have a good chance at winning.”
“Last year the girls were third in league, so this year we would like to try to get second,” said  coach Gallas, “And it would be nice to qualify two relays and four individual girls for CIF.”
As a Division II team, Chadwick will have to compete among the best teams in the area. The swimmers must compete against larger schools with many club swimmers like Mira Costa High School and Oaks Christian School.
But a league title may not be far out of reach for the boys swim team. They will be aiming for their second straight title in a row.
“Even though we lost Kurt [Buchbinder ‘10], our team is just as strong, if not stronger,” said Matty Gallas. “Personally, I would be surprised if we didn’t win league.”
A league title is fully within reach according to their results from the tri-meet. The team beat Flintridge with little trouble and ultimately finished with first place in the meet.
“We were a little worried about Flintridge because they apparently had a few new freshman who swam club,” said Diane Gallas. “But we won pretty easily and everyone raced well.”
The mere idea of stronger competitors even sparked competition in the boys swim team, and they challenged themselves to swim even faster against Flintridge’s club team members.
Coach Gallas said, “This is my third year coaching at Chadwick and this is the best team I’ve had in the three years that I’ve been here as far as a well rounded good team and good dedication.”