by Jared Agnew, Matty Gallas and Blake Range

We listen to music just about everyday.  We hear some good songs and some bad songs, but very few great songs. So what makes a song a classic?  This week we decided to uncover the top 10 greatest songs of all time and find out.

1. Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal Band
If you’ve ever heard this timeless classic, then you will agree that it deserves to be on our list. Whether you prefer the vocals of Will Ferrell in Anchorman, or those of the Glee cast, this song is a must-have in any iTunes library.
2. Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees
This song owes its fame, in part to Saturday Night Fever, but also to the fact it is one of the catchiest songs out there. Literally everyone has heard this song and danced along at least once. Whether you’re 7 or 70, this song is, and forever will be, one of the greatest of all time.
3. Numa Numa by Ozone
The only way we know this song is from the Youtube video, and if you don’t know what we’re talking about just search Numa Numa. This song is a necessity on our top ten due to its ability to captivate any listener. Seriously, this song is the paragon of stuck-in-head music.
4. I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry
This song is awesome, and it’s either because Katy Perry is a great singer and songwriter, or because she’s smokin’ hot and this music video supports that claim. Our senses say the latter, but the choice is up to you.
5. Thriller by Michael Jackson
He was and still is the King of Pop. His music is played everywhere by everyone.  Thriller, without a doubt, is his most iconic song and deserves to be revered as one of the greatest.
6. Hey Ya by OutKast
Hey Ya is one of the greatest lyrical masterpieces in the last 100 years. The song has everything from cooking advice, “lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor,” to photographic suggestions “shake it like a Polaroid picture.” Such a song is fixture in our a top ten and any party playlist.
7. Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira
As many of you may already know, Shakira has fantastic hips, and similar to Katy Perry, Shakira has an incredible music video.  Her looks alone could have gotten her onto our top ten. Don’t even pretend like you disagree.
8. Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival
This famous song seems to appear in almost every Vietnam related movie. The iconic image of a sleeveless, tan and young soldier seated on the edge of a helicopter in the baking sun comes to the mind whenever this song plays.
9. My Humps by Black Eyed Peas
This famous beat reminds us of the awkward moments at a Middle School dances when everyone danced in a circle of twenty people like complete idiots—its funny to look back on now. However, Middle-Schoolers were not the only ones dancing to this song. The majority of mainstream America was shaking their HUMPS!
10. Donk by Soulja Boy Tell’em
Austen Peterson and Nicole Hutchison forced us to put this song on the list simply “because its so catchy.” Upon further review, this song did not live up to the expectations garnered from Austen and Nicole’s optimism, and should never be listened to by anyone.