As we two seniors sit here putting the final touches on our last issue of the Mainsheet, we can’t help but feel a tad baffled. It really does seem like it was just yesterday when we were scrambling to memorize our Piercy I.D.s, constructing our toothpick egg drop, and sitting happily and comfortably in our beloved Pub Lab (may you rest in peace). A wave of nostalgia hits; where did the time go?
Some of us want to cling forever to the now overgrown grass on the Main Lawn. Some of us ache to hit the ground running toward the next chapter of our lives. And for some of us, it’s an amalgamation of the two. Regardless of where we individually stand on leaving Chadwick, the fact that we will not be here next year is, for lack of a better word, weird.
It’s weird that we will never have another class in Roessler. It’s weird that in a matter of weeks we will be considered “alumni.” It’s weird that our only remaining presence on campus will be the simple frame containing our portraits in the hallway.
But regardless of how weird we feel about all the changes that will soon come to our lives and how much we will miss the people that we have encountered during our time at Chadwick, the clock is ticking toward the day that we will be walking through those Chadwick gates, diploma in hand.
Without a doubt, we will look back fondly at all of the wonderful times we have had here, but we also know that we will walk through those monumental gates with a radiating sense of accomplishment, equipped with just about everything we need to survive in this wild world.
In the meantime, seniors, we still have so many things to look forward to! Between our last amphantasy and prom, to the senior trip and senior service, these next few months will be an exhilarating period of fun times for all. So savor these precious moments we have left together! And may the Class of 2011 forever reign.