by Ally Van Dueren

Mainsheet: Did you prank anyone on April Fool’s day this year?
Austin: Yeah!
Grant: I pranked my brother a lot, but sometimes not even on April Fool’s day. I just prank him randomly.
Skylar: My dad got me. When I was going into his room to give him a kiss, he acted like he was asleep and then when I got off his bed, he grabbed me when I didn’t even know he was even awake.
Grant: On April Fool’s day, my friend was like, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s a spider on your head! Oh no! And then she got it off and she was like, ‘April Fools.’” And I was like, ‘I didn’t even know it was April Fool’s. I was just going along for the ride.
MS: (to Grant) You said you prank some people even though it’s not April Fool’s day? How do you do that?
Austin: My brother. I prank my brother all the time. Like one time, I remember I pranked him by saying ‘There’s something in my hair., and then I was like ‘Gotcha.’ It was a lot of fun.
MS: That’s similar to your other one, huh? What about at school?
Grant: I never prank anyone at school.
Skylar: No one at school.
MS: Did your teachers prank you?
Skylar: It was spring break in April, so I went back to my old school and I got my friend, Esme. I said, ‘there’s a worm on your head!’ And she tried to wipe it off and I was like ‘April Fools!’
MS: Do you guys have an obsession with bugs on your heads or something? You all have the same story.
Grant: I love bugs!
Austin: I don’t.
Skylar: Once my friend Murphy tricked me that there was a worm on my back.
Grant: Remember this, Skylar. Worms can’t stick on you.
MS: What else do you guys do in April? When you hunt for things that the Easter bunny left you on Easter…?
Skylar: He put a lot of eggs and I found so many that the eggs kept falling out of my Easter basket!
MS: Well, that’s always a good thing to have happen!
Skylar: So I got a lot of candy, but I just want to eat it all!!! But my mother won’t let me eat it all! I just want to eat it! ALL!!
MS: Was the Easter bunny good to you too?
Austin: I didn’t even know it was Easter on Sunday!
Grant: He didn’t even bring me anything.
MS: Well, he’s a busy man!
Grant: But he travels all the way around the world! Except for Asia and China.
Skylar: Have you ever seen the movie Hop? It’s hil-arious.
MS: Do you have any advice for the upper schoolers? Or do you have anything to say at all?
Grant: Why do you have a camera?
MS: Because we are going to take your picture in a second.
Skylar: Why do you have a phone?
MS: Because we are recording this conversation.
[long pause.]
MS: Are you excited?! You are almost first graders!!
Skylar: I’m not excited at all! I’m scared!
Austin: I’m kinda nervous!!