by Nikki Stein

The teachers strutted their competitive edges, each vying for the final chair on Tuesday, April 26 as students sat in suspense for  the Faculty Musical Chairs, hosted by the Foreign Languages Honor Society.
Teachers who teach in many different departments and a variety of grade levels came together to compete in this annual competition.
Members of the Foreign Language Honor Society run and play the music for the people competing in the game.
President of the Spanish Honors Society and senior Lindsay Szper said, “Musical chairs is a good way to share good foreign language music and hype up some fun and competition on campus.”
In previous years French Teacher Chantal Wilson, one of the head advisors of the honor society, has helped to plan this event. Although still very involved in the process, Wilson granted the society members with the responsibility to run the show on their own.
Ten teachers and faculty members competed in the festivities: science teacher Alana Wallace, English teacher George Ramos, headmaster Ted Hill, college counselor Marian Hersh, registrar Mrs. Hall, science teacher Trish Stevens, math teacher Sandy Morris, college counselor ShawnRae Passalacqua, English teacher John Matson and math teacher John Braadflat.
Before the event, Hall said, “I chose to participate in [musical chairs] because it is a fun activity. I have enjoyed the laughter and excitement generated by the contestants and their supporters alike.”
When asked why he chose to participate in musical chairs, Ramos said, “It’s for a good cause, and I think it’s important that students see that faculty members know how to have fun too.”
Before the event, Alana Wallace said, “I decided to participate so that I might beat Patrick and because Jim Wysocki would not be in the contest, although Trish Stevens is still around and she is hard to beat.”
In previous years, as well as this year, all the money made has been donated to benefit orphans in Rwanda. This charity organization is called, “Orphans of Rewanda.” This charity sponsors an African orphan to go to a university and get a higher education.
Chadwick has sponsored a young man in Africa for several years now. This former orphan now holds the resonsibility of supporting his siblings while trying to finish college.   Chadwick donated money to this man to help him pay for his college education.
Szper said, “I hope we raise a considerable amount for our charity and have a good time. It’s always fun to see our faculty (and student body) all excited for something light and non-academic for a little while…hopefully there won’t be any broken fingers this year!”
To raise money, members of the foreign language society sold raffle tickets to other students and teachers. These raffle tickets sold for two dollars, and on this raffle ticket students wrote which teacher they thought would win the musical chairs. Then after event everyone’s raffle ticket who had the name of the winner on it will be put into a bowl, and a ticket will be picked at random.  The student who wins gets a prize of fifty dollars.
In anticipation for the event to begin sophomore Molly Rowe said, “I am very excited for the musical chairs to begin. I think that this is a great annual Chadwick event because the students and teachers come together as one Chadwick community! I also love that we can come together as a community to help the charity Orphans of Rewanda. Although, I hope this year no teachers gets hurt like Mr. Detloff last year. I am so excited to see the game mainly because I love how feisty the teachers get, and how much they want to win!”
The MC for the games, Lucas Lebovitz, started with ten teachers standing by nine chairs. The song “Jump Around  by  House of Pain” started to play, and the teachers rotated around the nine chairs.
Within a couple of seconds the music stopped, and the teachers scrambled to grab a seat. Stevens got to a seat before Passalacqua, and Passalacqua sat on top of her lap, and he was out. In the second round the music stayed on for a little bit longer than in the first round, but Wallace could not grab a seat in time and she was out of the game.
In the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth round: Hersh, Matson, Morris, and Stevens respectively were eliminated. In the seventh round Hall and Hill both grabbed the same seat, but Hall prevailed and pushed Hill off of the sea.
When this happened Lebovitz sarcastically stated, “Mrs. Hall may now have a smaller salary.”
In the eight round the song “Jai Ho” played, and karma caught up with Hall, who was eliminated from the game. In the final round, the game was now between Braadflat and Ramos, but Ramos wrapped up the game by sitting down first, and he was crowned the winner of the game.
After the game of musical chairs ended Stevens said, “It was intense. I am proud that the games started with an Irish song, ‘Jump Around!’”
Matson said, “I got out much later than I thought! Overall it was a great game!”