by Ally Van Deuren

Are you always looking for a place to relax at school, but can never seem to find the right place? Look no further; Chadwick students will make it happen.
Each year, juniors and seniors in Lauren Stern’s History and Literature of Leadership class are asked to make a positive change in the community for their second semester project.
Seniors Natalie Behenna, Spencer LaFrance, and Lindsay Szper and junior Jared Agnew chose to create a new indoor environment on Chadwick’s campus where students can hang out without having to worry about being quiet.
After much discussion, they decided to renovate the magazine room in the library to serve this purpose.
“Team America,” as they call themselves, is hoping to put in glass doors in the spaces where there are now two doorways in the magazine room. These students are also planning on painting the walls, adding new and matching couches and furniture, video and board games, and other items to ensure that all students are satisfied.
“We want it to be a comfortable café or coffee house style,” senior Natalie Behenna said. “A place where kids can do group study and club meetings.”
In addition, the group of four believe that the student lounge will be a great location for younger siblings to hang out in if they are waiting for older siblings after school during Upper School sports practices.
Junior Jared Agnew adds that the lounge will be an exciting place because it will provide a studying venue for students that is “not the wooden benches in Roessler or the dirty carpet or the cold outside.”
The four have had many meetings with members of the faculty, administration and CPA board, who all approved their project and agree with the team’s ultimate goal of creating more of tight-knit community. They have high hopes that they can get their project underway as soon as humanly possible.
The group aims to have the room painted by the end of the year and to have it re-modeled, with the help of Bill Gibbs, by the end of the summer.
Current underclassmen and Middle Schoolers, look forward to reaping the benefits of this team’s hard work and dedication!
All four members of the team agreed on the fact that their extraordinary progress on something so huge and influential for the Chadwick community taught them more than just methods to make a positive change in the community.
Agnew said, “The project opened the door to the actual factory that Chadwick is.”