by Nicole Compton

Mainsheet: It is unique to have three sets of twins in a class under 100. How is it being in the same class as your twin?
Anna Berman: Well, Scott and I never had a class together until 7th grade, English with Dr. Andrews.
Haley Bush:  Abbey and I are great study buddies. She helps me with English and I help her with science.  We studied for the APUSH test together and both did well.
Abbey Bush: It’s honestly the most convenient thing to have a twin in the same grade.  We did the junior year English/History final project together and I think we were one of two groups that didn’t stay up the until five the day before it was due.
Dana Ayoob: Having a twin in the same grade would have been awesome if, one, she remembered the homework and two, we didn’t argue every time we tried to study together.  It’s a nice concept, but in reality never really worked out well for us.

MS: Do you guys have any interesting stories Ayoobs?
DA: I remember when Kari and I were in kindergarten, we thought we were pretty sweet since we were twins and Parent Trap was out around that time.
Kari Ayoob: Our plan was based off of a Sister Sister episode.
DA: So we were in different classes during kindergarten, but the classrooms were right next to each other. One day we came up with this awesome idea: to switch classes after recess.
MS: But you guys don’t look alike!
KA: We were thought it would work since we were both twins.
DA: We were so sure it would work, but we chickened out and switched back into the right class at the last minute.  But it would have been awesome.

MS: Are any of you identical twins?
ABerman: To be identical the one egg splits, so it’s impossible for Scott and I to be twins.
Scott Berman: But it’s weird. Even though people know, sometimes they say happy birthday to Anna and not me.

MS: Bushes? Do you have any twin stories?
ABush: Well, we never schemed to change lines like the Ayoobs, but the first time we ever had a class together was also in 7th grade for P.E. The teacher would go down role call alphabetically, so its like Bush, then another Bush.  Haley was always late, so I would just answer twice. “Bush?” “Here.” “Bush?” “Here.”
HB: She always covered for me while I changed in the locker room.
ABush: We also have this ongoing joke. When we were born, I weighed close to six pounds and Haley weighed almost ten. So we pretend that Haley ate our triplet.
MS: In terms of what you do around campus, how are your schedules different from your twin’s?
ABush: I can’t play any contact sports, unlike Haley. I played soccer sophomore year, but I didn’t really do much for the team.
HB: That’s true. Also, Abbey stole my English powers, but I’m a bit better at math and sciences.

MS: Scott, what about you and your sister?
How are your schedules different?
SB: I play waterpolo and golf. I guess I’m more of the athletic one even though Anna thinks riding horses is athletic.
ABerman: I’ve played so many more sports than you. Soccer, volleyball, swimming…
SB: That was in middle school.
ABerman: I still count that.
SB:  Whatever, I work on the Yearbook also. But fine, Anna is probably the more studious one.
ABerman:  I was the more studious one, until this year when he’s killing me in physics. I’m in chorus, musical theatre and admirals.

MS: Ayoobs, between the two of you, who do you think is the nicer twin?
KA: Definitely me. There’s no question.
DA: Nah, people just think it’s Kari, but if you ask our close friends, they will say me.
KA: Not at all, not even a little bit. They just tell you that so you don’t feel bad about yourself.
DA: Oh, like how they tell me you’re a bad driver? Remember that time you drove up into the ivy?
KA:  That’s not true! Don’t put that in The Mainsheet. I’m a good driver, I swear.

MS: What do you think people will remember you as?  Anyone can answer.
ABerman:  I don’t know, probably as a studious person.
SB: I think for me, it’ll probably be like a student-athlete, even though I’m not really that high up in either.
HB: Dana, you should be the sass queen.
DA: What! Nah, people didn’t think I was sassy until this year.
KA:  Yeah, like no one thought I was a bad driver until this year!
MS: Haley? What about you and Abbey?
HB: I guess the student-athlete sounds like me too. It’s boring, but true. Abbey, you could be the kid with demented pinkies.
ABush: [Raising her right pinkies] Yeah, they don’t straighten at all. It sucked since I couldn’t do jazz hands when I was in Chicago.
KA:  Aww, but I love your pinkies!
MS: Alright, Kari, what about you?
KA: I’m not really sure. Dana, what do you think I am?
DA: Crusty.
KA: What! God, look at what I live with.
ABerman: Scott is worse, trust me.
HB: Dana’s just tryng to help you come up with ideas. Aren’t you supposed to be the nice one?
ABerman:  How about the indecisive twin?
HB: The one that doesn’t wear shoes?
ABush: Dana’s shadow?
KA:  Story of my life!

MS: Is it going to be weird going off to college without your twin, since you’ve spent the first 18 years of your life together?
SB: Nope, not weird at all.
ABerman:  I’m really excited to go off to college, too. It’ll be weird at first, but since my twin is a brother instead of a sister, we already don’t share with each other.
HB: I am going to miss Abbey.  When I was at a summer program over the summer for three weeks, I called her everyday!
ABush: Well, I’m excited to go off to college, but I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to leaving my twin. It’s like going to a different college than your best friend.
DA: I’m also excited to go off to college. I think it’ll be good fun to try out being separated for once.
KA:  Yes! I’m very excited to go to different colleges and finally not have someone following me around everywhere calling me crusty, meatball, fudgeworthy, turd, tard, stinky, stanky, etc.
MS: Ok, we’ll end on that note. Thank you.