Elderly couple stung to death by swarm of bees in Texas

An elderly couple was stung to death by a swarm of bees in McCallen, Texas on April 16th.
The husband and wife, in their late 90s, and their son, 67 years old, were cleaning out their hunting cabin when they were attacked. The son, still hospitalized, says they were moving an old wood burning stove when the hive was exposed. The son, Richard Steele, tried to run from the cabin but fell and was immediately stung by hundreds of bees. His parents, William and Myrtle, were hospitalized and died soon after. Richard Steele drove 15 miles to the nearest road after the attack where he called for help on his cell phone. Authorities say that the hive was most likely one of Africanized honey bees, more commonly known as killer bees. As a result of this tragedy, the US Department of Agriculture is distributing advice as to what to do when facing swarms of bees.

Social networking goes political: friend Obama on Facebook

As President Obama gears up to increase Democratic constituencies, he is gainingnew friends in the social networking world. Obama participated in a “town hall” on Wednesday, April 20, at the Facebook headquarters to be broadcast to millions of users.
Obama stated his motivation for speaking at Facebook was to prove that “there are many ways to speak to the American people.”
The question arose as to how effective the use of social networking sites is for political gain.
According to recent statistics only 1 in 5 internet users utilize social networking sites for politics. Statistics also say that more Republicans than Democrats use these sites for gain; hence Obama’s recent attempt to gain Facebook followers.

85-year-old sailor fulfill his dream

An 85-year old British sailor recently completed a 66-day trek across the Atlantic ocean—on a raft. His childhood dream was fulfilled with three of his lifelong friends. The raft was a large sail-powered craft that survived the two-month journey unscathed except for some damage to two of the rudders. Their goals were not only to fulfill dreams but also to raise awareness about the environment and use of eco-friendly watercrafts.
The crew departed from the Canary Islands and made a farewell speech to a crowd of locals. Oranges, avocados, potatoes, cabbages, and a pumpkin were some of the foods on board. Once the bread was consumed, they began making bread by hand in a small oven. The raft was built with seven pipes supplying fresh water to the crew. A forty-foot long mast and 400 square foot sail propelled the boat on the 3,000 mile journey. The journey was a success for them all. One man said there was nothing at all to fear on the trip, because they are all old men.