by Sarah Lindstedt

Mainsheet: So I’m sure you three are all aware of Valentine’s Day that’s coming up in February.
All: Yes.
Mainsheet: What do you guys think about Valentine’s Day? Why do you think it’s important?
Andrew: Because it’s about giving and love.
Mainsheet: Why do you like Valentine’s Day?
Joshua: I like Easter more because when I’m seven I’m going to get a real baby bunny.
Ava: Well, I like Valentine’s Day because for homework we get to make valentines for everyone in our class.
Mainsheet: Oh wow! You are going to get a lot of valentines then!
Ava: Yes.
Mainsheet: Do you have anyone in mind that you would want to ask to be your valentine?
Ava: Well, I have a crush on a boy in my Sunday school.
Mainsheet: Are you going to ask him to be your valentine?
Ava: No!
Mainsheet: Why not?
Ava: I don’t know . . . I’m scared.
Joshua: You really have a crush on someone?
Ava: Yes I do.
Mainsheet: What do you like most about this boy that you’d want to be your valentine?
Ava: Um . . . he’s a really cute dancer.
Andrew: I’d want Colin to be my valentine, but he’s sick.
Mainsheet: Have you guys ever been in love?
Ava: I have!
Mainsheet: Tell us about it.
Ava: I was in love with a boy when I was in preschool, and I didn’t keep it a secret, so I would kiss him all the time in our dance class.
Mainsheet: Wow you sure like dancers, don’t you?
Ava: Yes, I do.
Joshua: You kissed him?!
Ava: What? It’s not that embarrassing.
Mainsheet: Anyone else ever been in love?
Andrew: Colin is my best friend, and I like to play with him a lot
Joshua: I hate being in love.
Mainsheet: Why?
Joshua: Well I never have . . . but it’s gross!
Mainsheet: Do you guys have any plans for Valentine’s Day?
Ava: I normally go bowling with my grandma.
Mainsheet: That’s an awesome tradition to have. Do you have anything else you’d like to say?
Joshua: Happy Valentine’s Day, Upper School!