by Franny Hocking

Battling injuries and using them to become stronger is varsity soccer’s strong suit and hardest obstacle this season. With 5 wins, 8 losses, and 3 ties,  the team is doing pretty well after losing some key players from the last year’s senior class.
This year’s soccer varsity team still has a solid number of players with a roster of 21. However, in the earlier part of the season many of the players were out for injuries, and it was sometimes difficult for the team to stay motivated to reach its maximum ability.In response to the many injuries, the South Bay Daily Breeze ran an article highlighting some of the team’s bad luck, with practically a paragraph-length list of injuries.
But after winter break almost everyone was able to get back on the field, and the team started to improve and get much better results.
Despite their roller coaster beginning of the season, the team made a comeback and is looking towards CIF as their goal. They are stronger because of their hardships and have the ability to be a really strong team. They have had a  lot of team dinners to help with team bonding, and they are all getting along really well and having a fun time, “they’re a good group” Coach Luis Morales says.
Morales is impressed by how they always bounce back and keep trying after a bad game or an injury. They never seem to give up. He says, “There are tough times but then there seems to be a line of hope and they shine.”
Morales hopes the girls can stay injury free, keep up the hard work, stay motivated and maintain their tough mentality .