by Clarissa Cervantes

Girls basketball has won eight of their ten games, and the team members look strong as they venture close to CIF.
Their victory in  their game against Brentwood on Feb. 4 was an impressive accomplishment for the team. Brentwood is in the division above Chadwick, so the team was proud of their win.
The team’s goal since the beginning of the season was to win CIF, so with CIF on the horizon, practices for the team are becoming more grueling with increasing amounts of conditioning.
In CIF, the team will most likely face Poly again, a team to which they have already lost twice.  Other teams hope to beat Chadwick at CIF as well, so the team continues to work hard in practice.
On the team are two freshmen, Kylie Bethel and Kelly Ouye, both of whom are key players to the team.
“Whether you’re a skillful freshman or an experienced senior, you gain your respect through your skill,” Bethel said.
As much as the seniors are essential to the team, Bethel emphasizes that even the underclassmen have responsibilities to their teammates.  The team relies on all of the players to succeed in both Prep League and CIF.
Bethel also remembers a game where the team lost by one point, but during that game they did not have an essential player, Haley Bush.
Bush’s absence, Bethel recalls, was a key factor in the loss. Without that one extra senior on the team for that game, they failed to get that extra point and earn the win.