by Talia DeRogatis

Celebrating musical talent at Coachella

Every year, thousands of music fanatics travel to Indio, California for the Coachella Music Festival. This year, the festival returns the weekend of April 15, featuring some of the most celebrated artists in music.
The headlining artists are Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Kanye West and the Strokes.  Since 2010, Arcade Fire, a Canadian indie rock band, has rapidly gained fans, fame and three Grammy nominations.
Other anticipated artists include the Black Keys and the relatively young English band Mumford and Sons, renowned for their meaningful music and live talent. A more veteran group, the Bright Eyes, is expected to attract crowds with brilliant, poetic lyrics and passionate folk songs.  Crowds also anxiously await Cee Lo Green, Wiz Khalifa, Cold War Kids and Empire of the Sun. Such exciting rising artists such as Jakes, Jack’s Mannequin and Yelle will also perform.
Because of the popularity of this event, scalpers have snatched all of the passes. However, Coachella hopefuls should wait patiently, because historically prices drop.

Hype for Beach House’s latest show

Beach House, an indie-rock duo formed in Baltimore, Maryland, will perform at the Music Box in Los Angeles on Thursday, February 17.
Consisting of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, the band formed in 2004 and has released three critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums since then. They are expected to continue developing upon their success and release more brilliant and addicting albums.
The band is influenced by Neil Young, Francoise Hardy, and Grizzly Bear, but has by now come into its own dynamic style. Many refer to this style as “dream pop,” and it is marked by a slow, atmospheric, sometimes haunting sound. After establishing this unique and powerful sound, Beach House has gained an impressive following.
Although the band still remains rather obscure to the majority of people, tickets to see this 8 pm show range from $50 to $70 and are projected to sell fairly quickly.

Blue Valentine captivates audiences

In the spirit of both the love and the heartbreak that surrounds Valentine’s Day, the film Blue Valentine is playing in general release in local theaters. The film, directed by Derek Cianfrance, tells the story of how a couple finds love, loses it, and attempts to get it back.
The story is told in a fragmented, unorganized sequence of past and present and mixes moments of joy and despair for a struggling married couple. All these portraits surround an emotional night during which the couple leaves their daughter for a night to attempt to save their marriage.
The raw, rough style of this film make it a fitting Cannes Film Festival selection, and the intensely real and vulnerable performances of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams add to its promise. The actors’ chemistry has been called unequaled and the film has been said to revolutionize the portrayal of a love story. Furthermore, critics have praised the film’s unique plotline and emotionally moving cinematography.