by Blake Range, Matty Gallas, Jared Agnew

2011 has started off with a bang.  To commemorate the past year, and kick off the new one, we have compiled a list of the top ten most noteworthy relationships of 2010.

1. George Cullen, Georgia and Football
George Cullen is originally from the state of Georgia. However, this past year, George’s move to California has put a strain on this triangle of love. His affair with the state runs deep, and he misses Georgia dearly.  Thankfully, he still has football, and, as George put it, “I would die without football!”
2. Dylan Barbour and His Ego
When asked about his ego, Dylan was at a loss for words.  But, after an explanation of what an “ego”is, Barbour said, “Yeah, I’m tight, get off me.”
3. Girls Water Polo and Will Didinger
Over the past the past two years, the Girls  Water Polo team has grown more than just fond of Coach Will Didinger. Their relationship has blossomed into what some might call obsession. Dana and Kari Ayoob, captains on the team, explained, “WE LOVE WILL.” When asked about the girls, Didinger said, “What can I say? Who doesn’t love me?” Whatever is going on beneath the surface seems to be helping the team: the girls are undefeated in league.
4. Jim Simmons and Drama
Jim is by far the biggest drama queen on campus. We do not have enough space to talk about them all.  But, when confronted, Simmons said, “I LOVE DRAMA!”
5. Chudi and Sky N9ne
With his one claim to fame being Sky N9ne, Chudi has successfully emerged as the school’s most high-profile blogger. Nicole Hutchison told us, “Every day on Facebook I see a new Sky N9ne update, and Chudi likes it.” With all his constant “likes” and posts, even Facebook is getting annoyed.
6. The Eighth Grade and Snitches
Many have lived and abided by the rule: “snitches get stitches.” However, this is not so with the Class of 2015. Many of the boys in that grade have been extremely nervous about their futures and refrained from giving a quote for fear of being told on.
7. Kevin and Orisue
The very idea of Orisue follows Kevin Wang wherever he goes.  With the emblem on Facebook and on his clothes, it is easy to see the connection between the two.  But what is Orisue? Frankly, we have no idea. However, upon further research we discovered that Orisue is a clothing company based out of our very own Southern California and specializes in “unique” clothing. So next time you see Kevin Wang around school, make sure you smile and compliment him on his quest to become more unique.
8. Brian Shaw and Lyrics
In case you haven’t noticed, all of Brian Shaw’s attempts to serenade his formal dates in the past have never been successfully completed.  When asked about these lapses, B-Shaw confidently declared, “It’s not about the lyrics, only the message.”  Ok Brian, keep up the good work.
9. Nicole Stanton and Tears
Nicole isn’t sad about anything. She simply finds herself in situations where she lacks words to describe her feelings. So if you are confused by a sighting of Nicole in tears, don’t worry; things are just getting a little overwhelming. We would include a quote about this relationship, but Nicole became too emotional and incomprehensible to answer our questions.
10. The Actual Couples
Here’s a shout out to all the real, long-term couples. You know who you are!