by Chris Stanton

Chadwick’s Round Square Board recently teamed up with the Cate School’s Round Square Board for a conference and charity event on Jan. 15, 2011 in Santa Barbara, California.
The diverse groups from the two schools added up to twenty-six students and faculty members, which included our Round Square Board members sophomores Emily Newton and Kelly Lee, juniors Madelyn Tournat, Eliza Powers and Faith Memmo and board director John Nordquist. Junior Maddy Sung also attended the event. During the trip, the two groups discussed the different community service and international exchange programs offered at their corresponding schools. They also discussed diversity within local communities.
“The trip was pretty fun. Not only did we get to meet some cool people from a school other than Chadwick, but we also got to help a few people along the way,” said Newton.
On the trip, the group of twenty-six participants visited some sights in Montecito and Santa Barbara. Diversity in the neighboring areas, they found, came in all shapes and sizes from socioeconomic status to ethnicity. After doing some sightseeing, the volunteers headed to the Food Bank of Santa Barbara County to learn about hunger issues there and in surrounding locations.
“It was really shocking to hear about such issues in California,” said Tournat.
Later, the group of Round Square volunteers went to the food distribution center at the Food Bank of Santa Barbara County to be educated on the subject of local hunger.
After finishing their service, the students and faculty members drove directly to the Casa Esperanza Homeless Center, a charity dedicated to helping homeless men, women and children in the Santa Barbara community. The group served food to over 200 people and also cleaned the kitchen and the dining hall afterwards. Throughout this whole process, the members could ask the homeless center’s visitors about their lives and their beliefs.
“It was a great experience, and it was cool getting that chance to talk to homeless people about their hardships,” said Memmo.
The Chadwick group returned to Palos Verdes around 10 p.m. with a sense of accomplishment from their day of learning and helping others.
“We learned a lot from the Cate School’s Round Square members, and hopefully they learned from us,” said Memmo.