by Nicole Stanton

Well, Seniors, we made it. After filling out countless college applications and surviving one of the most taxing academic semesters of our lives, we have finally seen the light. However, we have been waiting for second semester for what feels like forever, but now what do we do?
Similar to post-Christmas morning when you are surrounded by countless presents, as a second semester senior we are supplied with a new freedom that we aren’t quite sure how to approach.
First of all, what does being a second semester senior even mean? Well, we no longer have expectations to reach. We have goals and things to strive for, but they are on our own terms. We don’t need our GPA to be raised by a tenth to get into our dream school, and we are not expected to fill every single waking moment as a leader of this or a member of that.
Additionally, some of 2011 has noticed a lightening of the homework load. Whether it be the teacher’s knowledge of our lack of focus or maybe just luck on our part, the lessening of work is something to relish.
Finally, and most importantly, as second semester seniors we realize that all we have to do is enjoy. The stress is gone, the work is lessened, and we realize that we are left with all of the things we love about Chadwick. Free time, the people we love and the school we have come to know, are just waiting in front of us and are ready to be savored.
My first piece of advice has to do with free time. An interesting suggestion I have heard is to initiate a new TV obsession. Many have been taking part in this activity, including myself. Whether it be Friday Night Lights, Modern Family or 90210, filling your life with something non-educational and seemingly pointless feels pretty good.
All of those times you have avoided the drama of a television series for fear of distracting yourself from studying for a calculus test now can be avenged.
And to those who feel as if television is unfulfilling and accomplishes little, make your obsession into a goal. Watch an episode a day, a season a week, whatever suits your needing-to-please anxieties. So, second semester senior, make a date with the couch and a remote and fulfill your long-stifled temptation.
My second suggestion is in regards to the friends we must enjoy. While focused on ridiculous amounts of business we tend to neglect our friends. We realize how important they are, and we know how badly we want to turn on iChat, respond to their text, or go on Facebook to talk to them, but most of the time can’t find a way to justify it. The first semester  excuses of imminent tests and essays apply, but no more! We can now turn on every one of the countless modes of communication we possess and socialize to our hearts content.
Even more importantly, we will come to discover the purpose of a weekend. It actually is not made for extra homework time or to cram in a project. Weekends are for this thing called a social life. Let’s get to know this thing very well. Make friends with your friends again and go on adventures, lie around and do absolutely nothing, go out to dinner, do whatever, but just spend time with the people you’ve neglected for so long.
My final piece of advice is to enjoy the present to its fullest extent. Although this semester has just begun, we all realize the odd nature of our situation. We are in this in-between state in which our minds are filled to capacity with high school knowledge. We are anxiously waiting for college news. And, we are extremely conscious of the countless good byes which are looming right on the horizon.
Let’s commit ourselves to focusing on the good. We can save the nostalgia for a later date. All we love about high school is in our grasp, so let’s embrace it.