by Nicole Stanton

Teen arrested for aiming green laser beam at airplane beam attacks near LAX

On Tuesday, Feb. 8, a 14-year-old teen was arrested for pointing a green laser beam at a plane landing at Los Angeles International Airport.
Blinded by a green laser beam during its descent into the Los Angeles International Airport, the pilots of Boeing 737 were temporarily unable to see their path on the runway ahead. Fortunately, no one on board was injured.
The pilots were easily able to pinpoint the location of the laser, and the police immediately used their helicopters to find the suspect.
The 14-year-old boy was caught in his backyard still in possession of the laser.
This felony occurred less than a week after the U.S. Senate approved an amendment making pointing lasers at pilots illegal, thus a felony.
More than 100 of these green beam attacks have occurred near LAX in the past year. Nationally, the number of laser attacks on planes has doubled annually.
A spokesman of the Federal Aviation Administration stated that pointing a laser beam can cause temporary vision problems for the pilots, which forces pilots to turn over control of the aircraft to their co-pilots, or in worse cases, to abort landing.

Murderer convicted after leaving trail of leaves, squirrels
On Thursday, Jan. 6, Matthew Hoffman, of Mount Vernon, Ohio, was found guilty of three murders and a kidnapping.
When SWAT members raided his home, they found dry leaves covering the floors of his entire house, bags of leaves filling the bathrooms and closets ground to ceiling, and two dead, skinned squirrels in his freezer next to red popsicles.
After Hoffman was taken away, a 13-year-old kidnapped girl was found in his basement, sexually harrassed and bound to a bed of leaves.
Unfortunately, unaware of the fact that Hoffman had already murdered her mother, brother, and friend, the girl asked the whereabouts of her family members when she was taken into the hospital.
However, the bodies of the two adults and 11-year-old child were not found in his home.
Four days later, using information from Hoffman, the bodies were discovered  stuffed in a nearby hollowed tree.
Hoffman pleaded guilty, and his sanity was examined. Surprisingly, families of the victims have asked that the death penalty not be pursued, and Hoffman is now serving a life sentence for three murders and for the kidnapping and rape of the teen.

Egypt’s future hangs on two big questions

Will the protests recede soon?
Egyptian President Honsni Bubarak’ resignation on Friday, Feb. 11,has met the key demand of the protestors. However, under the circumstances, it is not likely that the protests will end soon.
Following Mubarak’s departure, protesters of different groups have raised numerous new demands.
Some of these demands include the abolishment of the current constitution, the dissolution of the parliament, and the establishment of a transitional government.
The Egyptian revolution, now entering its third week, overthrew Mubarak’s 30-year regime as head of a  corrupt and repressive government.

Will the presidential election take place as planned?
The immediate priority for any party of Egypt is to put a stop to violent crimes and terrorist plots, and quickly restore social stability.
However, an election needs to be held in the midst of chaos due to huge domestic and foreign pressures trying to shape the structure of the new democratic government.