by Justin Hoot

Gentleman’s soccer has had a very impressive season; the varsity achieved an overall record of 8-3-3 and junior varsity a record of 7-2.
In the Prep League, the varsity had an undefeated record with 7 wins.
According to senior player Jason Sim said, “The team’s strength is defense. We are the best in the league defensively because not one team in our league has been able to score on us.”
The boys are proud of their season this year and have confidence heading into CIF after a successful season in the Prep League.
Junior Sal Bañuelos said, “We are going to win league for sure, and probably finish as undefeated. We’re going to pass the first round of CIF, but the second round is the challenge because we have not gotten that far in at least 15 years.”
“We are really really really good, and undefeated,” said Sim.
JV has had a great season as well; the team has a 6-0 undefeated record in the Prep League and a 1-2 record in other games.  The junior varsity has a strong team, consisting mainly of the influx of freshmen that came into the upper school this year.
The JV MVP’s also include juniors Tae San Kim, Emmett McKinney, David Cullum, Raxon Cho, and sophomore Ethan Leff.
Despite the unfortunate loss of many seniors this year, the team feels that the freshmen will help fill these gaps next year. McKinney said, “We have a really successful group of freshman this year, and there is a bright future for Chadwick soccer.”