by Vanessa Contratto

The boy’s basketball team has faced a challenging season this winter. They are 2-4-0 in Prep League and have a season record of 8-9.
The team of twelve, including seven seniors, three juniors, and two freshman, has many experienced players on the court. Mentoring the team is the head coach and Middle School Director Charlton Jackson with the help of assistant coaches Gilbert Wilburn and Steve Norberg.
Earlier in the season, freshman Kevin Doi said the team was “not quite up to expectations,” but he looked forward to more wins in the remainder of the year.
Although they haven’t won every game, they have created a large fan base and kept the stands packed. At their spirit game against Rio Hondo Prep, the bleachers were filled with students, teachers, and parents all excitedly watching their victory.
Jackson said, “We have had a very deep team in terms of the number of players that contribute in each contest.” He thinks that the team’s strongest defenders are senior Sander Mora, senior Sean Ouye, senior Chudi Iregbulem, and junior Sam Cartwright.
According to Jackson, senior Matt Jamele and junior Hank Trumbull are the team’s “primary post players,” and seniors Ryan Hood, Brian Shaw, and Chase Crawford and junior Ben Gorman, and Doi are the most skilled perimeter shooters. He also said, “Last but not least is freshman Tyler Colon who can play on the perimeter and in the post and is probably the most athletic player on the team.”
Colon feels that the older boys’ mentoring has been a great aspect of their camaraderie. Colon said, “The upperclassmen help you through rough spots, give you tips in the games, and offer you their experiences.”