by Vanessa Contratto

The cheerleaders have had a fun and peppy season supporting fall and winter sports.
Under the direction of new dance teacher Leslie Miller, the squad attended more games this year. In the fall, they cheered at football games, cross country meets, girls volleyball games, and girls tennis matches, and they made treats for girls golf and boys water polo. This winter, they supported the girls and boys basketball teams and the boys soccer team, and they made treats for girls water polo, girls soccer, and the equestrian team.
Miller taught the girls challenging routines for both the fall and winter season. They performed their dances to “California Girls/Gurls” and “Give Up the Funk” at almost every football halftime. The recently debuted a new shorter dance to Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love.” The team looks forward to more halftime dances next year.
The cheerleaders have enjoyed baking for the various sports teams as well as making multiple banners to spread Dolphin spirit all over the school. This year, the cheerleaders also introduced new cheers and instituted a new practice of teaching cheers to students at Friday assemblies to help them cheer along with the squad during the games.
Senior captains Nicole Jamgotchian and Ally Van Deuren have been extremely helpful to the team and Coach Miller this year by teaching the cheers to the girls.
The cheerleaders plan on supporting the teams that make it to winter CIF finals. The squad looks forward to the few more times they get to scream, shout, and cheer for Chadwick teams this year.
In 2008, the squad had only 4 members. Since then, the number of cheerleaders has increased to 24 and has significantly increased their impact on Chadwick sports and spirit.