by Nicole Compton

MS: Why do you think you were chosen for athlete spotlight?
Crawford: Um, that is a very good question.  I think I was chosen because before every away game I wear a suit to school?  It’s pretty noticeable that I’m doing it for my basketball spirit, so that’s the only reason I can think of.
MS: So when did you start playing basketball?
Crawford: Like two.
MS: Did you participate in recreational or club teams? In other words, were you as serious about the sport when you were younger, or only until you got to high school?
Crawford: I played in local parks and leagues, but yeah, I think it was definitely freshman year when I started to get really serious.
MS: What were you looking forward to this season, not in terms of wins and loses but in terms of the team?
Crawford: Well, we have the same team as last year. Thankfully, no one graduated from the team last year, and the whole team was really close then, so I guess I was just looking forward to spending more time with everyone. It also a big deal that we got a new coach. I was super excited to see how that turned out.
MS: What is your role as a senior on the team?
Crawford: Um, well we have a lot of seniors on the team, so we all share the leadership role. There’s no real expectation besides showing up and doing what you are supposed to, especially as an example to the others.
MS: Since you have a lot of seniors on the team this year, how are the underclassmen contributing?
Crawford: Well [freshman] Kevin Doi is starting now, and he has been a big help. And [freshman] Tyler Colon has a lot of potential as well; he just has to warm up to things a little more.
MS: How does this year compare to years past? How has your experience in this program progressed from freshman year?
Crawford: Freshman year was good basketball, just play and get it over with, but now the whole team spends a lot of time together on and off the court.  We have grown up together by playing with each other over the years. I just feel like we know each other better, and it’s become a bigger part of our lives.
MS: Are you trying to beat the current threepoint record in one game held by Lena Kelly [’10]?
Crawford: I was . . . but I’m not getting as much playing time this year, so it’s been a challenge. That was one of my goals going into the season.
MS: What is your record so far?
Crawford: In one game? Six.
MS: So one away from tying?
Crawford: Yup.
MS: So rumor has it that the whole Flintridge team knows who you are. Could you explain why you are so famous to them?
Crawford: So freshman year, I was watching the game, and I noticed one of Flintridges players looked exactly like me! I was actually concerned I might be related to him, we looked that much alike. Yeah, so everyone thought it was really weird, but my parents talked to his parents, and it turns out we have very different interests. But it’s been a weird experience. Everyone at Flintridge knows who I am because of this, I guess.
MS: Has he graduated?
Crawford: Yeah, he was a year older.
MS: Do you consider your hair a trademark of yours?
Crawford: Yeah, it’s kinda become a basketball thing. Before every game Slim and I pick our hair out into fros. I don’t know why we do it, but it has just become our thing.
MS: What are your expectations for playoffs?
Crawford: Um, we are expected to get into playoffs even though we have a tough league, and we are hoping to get to at least the second round in CIF, just like last year.  We would like to win it all, but it looks tough.
MS: What do you want your legacy to be when you graduate?
Crawford: I think I have also been known as the shooter on the team, and I hope I am remembered for that. Also, I was really bad freshman year, and I worked really hard over the years to improve, so I hope that sets a model for the underclassmen—a model that they have the potential to improve and get better .
MS: Ok thank you, good luck this season!