(Stella, Shaun, and Andrew)
MS: So you three are all in Kindergarten?
All: Yeah.M

MS: How is that going?

All: It’s good.

MS: What’s been your favorite part of kindergarten so far?
Stella: My favorite food is bananas and my favorite part is recess.
MS: What do you do at recess?
Stella: Play.MS: What kind of things do you play?
Stella: Tag, chase boys…Shaun: She pokes a lot of boys.
Stella: No! Just two.
Shaun: Jake and Ryan.
Stella: Yeah that’s all.
MS: Well, you seem quite busy then.
Andrew: I like ice cream for dessert!
MS: Okay, so right now we’re in the month of December. What kinds of things are in December that you know about?
Shaun: Hanukkah!
Stella: Christmas, Santa, Christmas trees.
Shaun: I know some things that we did about Hanukkah.
MS: Do tell.
Shaun: We ate latkes, and we got a dreidel.
Andrew: And chocolate coins! There were big chocolate coins.
MS: What holidays in December do you guys celebrate?
Stella: I celebrate Christmas.
Shaun: And I celebrate Christmas.
Andrew: Christmas.
MS: Do you know of any other holidays in December other than the ones we talked about?
Stella: I know one! Ramadan. But that wasn’t in December.
Andrew: I know Diwali.
MS: Nice! Any others?
Shaun: There’s that Kwanza one, too.
MS: You three are so informative.
Andrew: Oh wait! There’s something in February… Valentine’s Day.
Stella: I know something else about February. We leap seconds and leap hours. But I like Christmas because we get presents and we get to decorate a tree, which is really fun.
MS: Do you have anything in particular that you want for Christmas?
Stella: I want a big, big bike with two wheels because the one I have now has three wheels and I’m ready for two. And I want to get my ears pierced, but my mommy says I have to wait until I’m nine.
Shaun: I want an arcade speedball, Uno, a real magic wand!
Stella: I want a real magic wand, too!
MS: What would you do with a real magic wand?
Shaun: I don’t know…
Stella: I would want to turn people into frogs!
MS: If you could create your ideal holiday…
Stella: What’s an ideal?
MS: Okay if you could create your own, best holiday, what would your holiday be like?
Shaun: I know! Eat apples.
MS: What would your holiday be called?
Shaun: Apple Day?
MS: That sounds like a fun day.
Stella: I’d play with my mom and dad.
MS: What would you call it?
Stella: Play Day!
MS: Anything else you’d like to say to the high school?
Stella: I like you because you come over and play with us.
Shaun: I’d say good job.
MS: For what?
Shaun: For the oldest kids for winning that tug of war thing.
Andrew: Yeah, the seniors got points and the juniors didn’t.
Shaun: They’re the champions!