Mainsheet: First, tell me about yourself.
Ryan Halvorsen: Well, that’s kind of a broad question, but I guess this is senior year, so it’s just kind of a stressful year with all the college applications and classes.  You know, all my friends  are hearing back from colleges, and I have been hearing back from colleges myself, so it’s been like a crazy time but also a really cool time because we are all kind of leaving Chadwick and going off on our own adventures.
Mainsheet: How long have you been going to Chadwick?
RH: I have been going to Chadwick since I was a freshman, so I have been here for only four years.
Mainsheet: That’s not too bad. What colleges are you looking at or which colleges would you like to go to?
RH: I am looking at a lot of colleges.  I don’t have like one decided in particular, but you know like I applied to schools back east and a few in California as well, so I am trying to get a wide variety, so then if I get accepted to the universities I applied to then I would have a wide range of choices and opportunities.
Mainsheet: What do you want to major in?
RH: I want to major in political science or international relations.
Mainsheet: So far, what do you like most about senior year?
RH: What do I like most?
Mainsheet: Yeah.
RH: I think the thing I like most about senior year is that this year has opportunities for incredible closure. Everybody is trying to finish up everything they wanted to do, so this year I played water polo for my fourth year. It was really fun. We had our banquet over the weekend, so it was just like a celebratory thing. Even though I was finishing, it was really cool because I got through all four years of playing water polo.  I am also doing a musical, and I did one last year.  It’s kind of fun trying out all those different things that I didn’t get to do freshmen, sophomore year, finishing off my time here at Chadwick on a good note.
Mainsheet: That’s great, and what are you looking forward to as a second semester senior?
RH: I think I am looking forward to for one thing, no college applications, so that will be all done with, and we will just be waiting for responses. I think just being able to spend more time with my friends, because everyone has been so focused with their academics and colleges, so everybody has been kind of isolating themselves. I am hoping that in second semester, we will be able to hang out more often.
Mainsheet: Are your friends being secretive about their college decisions?
RH: I think it’s just how Chadwick is.  A lot of people like to keep their colleges personal.  It’s kind of their personal thing, so I won’t ask them if they got in or not.  I would just wait until they tell me if they want to tell me.
Mainsheet: What have you been doing lately other than college applications?
RH: We are starting our rehearsals for Chicago, so I am pretty excited. I also admiralled for the orchestra concert last week. I was able to park and stuff, and that was pretty fun.
Mainsheet: Do you have any winter break plans?
RH: Pretty much just staying home. Kind of hanging out with the family.  It’s been like a tradition at my grandma’s house every year.  All of my mom’s side of the family comes together, and we have a holiday/Christmas festivity.
Mainsheet: What’s one thing that no one knows about you?
RH: I guess an interesting fact about me is that one of my aspirations to do in the future is like learn how to fly a plane. I have always been really intrigued about flying, so this is like a weird goal: I have to get a pilot license.