It’s that time of the year again, and the holidays are back. For many it is a time of family and giving, but for us it’s a time for a lot of fun. As the season comes around again, we would like to talk about our favorite activities that correspond with the winter season. Whether we are making snowmen or drinking hot cocoa, wintertime is always a good time.
1. Stanton Calendar. Our personal favorite is the annual website Stanton Calendar. We get to take pictures and win prizes for it. We love to get in touch with our inner bro and show off how much fun we are having during this holiday season.
What more could any man ever want than to win an Xbox and have fun while trying to win it? We also guarantee a victory, because of course our competitive nature is taking over and we are in it to win it.
2. College Football Bowl Games. During the long winter break, you may ask, “Don’t you get bored sitting around all day?” This is false because we do not get bored. Every day during the winter break, there is a college football bowl game. We don’t care if it’s Southern Alaska Tech vs. Maryland Christian State. It’s still football, and we will still watch it. Also the National Championship game this year will be one for the ages. It will be a competition between how tight Oregon will look vs. how much Auburn can pay Cam Newton.
3. Alumni Coming Home. Throughout the start of the year, we must survive without hanging with the bros of the past. This is tough, because they were the ones who taught us to be the men we are today. During this winter season, they all come home for holidays, and it’s great to be reunited.
4. Advent Calendars. Waking up every morning to a new chocolate or present is a score. Every day in the month of December, you can anticipate the sweet taste of chocolate until the night befor e Christmas. This is basically like getting a new present everyday, which is awesome.
5. Christmas Attire. Looking classy is of primary importance to any true man. Whether it’s a red wool sweater with Santa on the front, or socks with reindeers all over them, warm and prestigious clothing during the winter season is legit. Nothing says “swagg” more than a nice red turtleneck.
6. Gingerbread Houses. As one of the most anticipated events on Stanton Calendar, we always get pumped up for our gingerbread house making. We make our gingerbread houses into palaces of gumdrops and candy canes, so our gingerbread men live like bosses. If we were in their shoes, we would want to be kings of the castle as well.
7. Mammoth. During the two-week break, some students will sit outside looking at the sky and hoping for snow that will never come. We like to take matters into our own hands, and drive to the snow. The closest mountain with quality snow is Mammoth, where we can get a feel for true winter living. It’s always great to hit the slopes and enjoy the winter wonderland.
8. Santa’s  Sleigh Comes to Manhattan Beach. Contrary to popular belief, sitting on Santa’s lap is one of the manliest things you can do. Not only do you get a candy cane, but also you get to show the ladies that you have a soft side, to compliment your massive biceps. A true man will sit on Santa’s lap with pride, to show other men “It’s okay to want a little lovin’ from Santa.”
So this holiday season, don’t forget to put up your Christmas lights, make gingerbread houses,  take a lot of pictures for Stanton Calendar, and spin your dreidel because holidays here mean lots of holiday cheer!
We would like to wish all of you a happy Christmahanukakwanza from the bros and the staff here on Man’s Manifesto.