by Jared Agnew and Blake Range

Chadwick added a special edition to the football staff this year with physical education coach John Ziegler.
Although Ziegler is known to the students as the new special teams football coach, there are many unaware of the life he leads off the field in the arena of polemic political debates and the media.
In addition to his job at Chadwick, Ziegler is a conservative talk show host, and after years of involvement in the media business, Ziegler became a controversial documentary film maker.
Zeigler began his work in media as a sportscaster for a television channel owned by NBC. After leaving that particular job, Zeigler moved on to work with Fox, also as a sportscaster. However, Ziegler’s sharp personality and sarcasm forced him to eventually leave that job, as well.
By the early 2000s, Ziegler had worked  and been involved in multiple radio stations, but his outspoken personality caused him to continually move from place to place. Finally, he ended up in Los Angeles were he hosted a late night show on KFI 640.
Ziegler’s show consistently received high ratings, and as a result, he was named the 54th most important talk show host in the country by Talkers Magazine.
Ziegler decided that he wanted to pursue a career in discussing controversial topics. Thus, he went into talk radio on a station called WWTN-FM in Tennessee. On this radio show Ziegler was known to not only discuss the designated sports, but also politics.
His documentary, Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted, has become very controversial and examined the role of the media in the presidential election of 2008.
Ziegler says in his film “that the media did not fulfill its role as an unbiased institution, and left voters misinformed and uneducated.”  He blames the media for the disfiguration of Palin’s stature.
In his documentary, Ziegler interviews Democratic voters. Surprisingly, none of them could tell him who Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank or Harry Reid were.  Some had never even heard the names of these Democratic leaders in the U.S. Congress  before.
When asked which candidate had a pregnant daughter or which candidate spent money on clothes, all of the interviewees named Sarah Palin.         Ziegler blamed this lack of real political education on the media, who he feels “targeted” Palin and were a main cause ofthe comical image that the public came to accept of her.
Today Ziegler has an active blog called All over this site are videos of interviews and articles made by Ziegler that deal with his opinions on current events.
These videos focus on subjects such as Ziegler’s dramatic arrest outside a Katie Couric award ceremony, a politican threatening Ziegler’s life, and even his participation on a dating show.