By Colette de Beus

The boys basketball has had an aggressive start to their season, boding well for the following weeks.
The members of the team agree that the games they are most worried about for this season are the ones against Flintridge Prep and Pasadena Poly, because of their experiences in years past. But the team captains, seniors Brian Shaw and Ryan Hood, both have an inspiring influence on the team.
“They both have had varsity experience starting their freshman year. They have always been the go-to leaders of the team,” said senior Matthew Jamele.
Because the team has all its players returning from last year, the squad has great chemistry.  “We’re pretty supportive of each other, and there seem to be no problems,” said Shaw.
Some of the freshmen have already proven themselves to be great assets to the team early in the season.
“The new freshman, like Tyler Conlon and Kevin Doi, have added a great deal of depth to the team at the point guard and forward and center positions,” said senior Chudi Iregbulem.
Charlton Jackson is also a new addition to the team this year, taking over the position as head coach.
“Coach Jackson has changed the way we practice to a more scrimmage-based practice. This way, we get more conditioning in as well as more hands-on learning,” said Shaw.
The players are all very enthusiastic about being a part of the basketball team, and many point out that their favorite part of being part of the team is not what happens during the games, but before them.
“We usually eat together before each game.  If it’s home we go to In-n-Out, but my favorite part is the shenanigans in the locker rooms,” said senior Chase Crawford.