by Nicole Compton

Mainsheet: So is basketball the only sport you’ve ever played?
Breanna Madrazo: Nope, I played tennis and golf when I was younger and tried vol-leyball freshman year.
MS: So when did you start playing basketball? Playing competitive club basketball?
BM: I started playing when I was in second grade, and I joined club in sixth grade.
MS: Was your goal always to play in college?
BM: Yeah. When I was younger I wanted to go to the WNBA for some reason, but they don’t make money so I changed my mind.  I want to be a doctor now, but I still have aspirations to play in college.
MS: After tearing your ACL twice this year,  is playing in college still an option?
BM: Well, I was getting recruited mostly by small D3 schools and some D1s.  I called the college coaches the day after I got injured in October. I was crying on the phone, but they said they were still interested in including me in their program.
MS: That must have been a huge relief, right?
BM: Yeah, it was! Most people don’t recover 100 percent after an ACL tear, twice especially, so it was really surprising that none of them ran away like I thought they would.  It made me want to work even harder now.
MS: Do you think you went back too soon after you injured your knee the first time?
BM: Well, I think I had one of the best orthopedic doctors in the South Bay for my first surgery. But it was homecoming week, and I didn’t have time to train for this college recruiting tournament with my club team that was happening that weekend.  The tournament brought a lot of pressure and involved a lot of contact that I might not have been ready for.
MS: How long had you been training to get back on the court after your first ACL tear?
BM: I had been training every day since I got cleared in mid-July and for five hours at a time towards the end of the summer at the gym and parks and stuff.
MS: Are you continuing to participate with the Chadwick program?  What do you think your role is?
BM: Well, I can’t be a player, but right now I’m focusing on what I can do from the side- lines to help the Chadwick team.  I help the coaches with practice and I’ll be attending all of the games I can.  I’m definitely still a member of the team; I want a ring, and I’m going to help the team win it, for sure.
MS: Besides playing, what’s your favorite part of being on the team?
Emily Lapham (walking by): Team bonding?
BM: Ha, no, not team bonding. Probably getting sweaty with everyone.
MS: Seriously?
BM: Well, the whole team is working for a common goal, and we’re getting sweaty together.
MS: I heard you play jokes on the  underclassmen. Is that true?
BM: No, I only play jokes on Laura.  We had a tournament in Arizona last season, and I was sharing a room Laura and Lena.  We exiled her to the couch and enjoyed the beds ourselves.  When she decided to come into our space, I took her out to the balcony and locked the door behind her.  I locked her out for about 20 minutes while she continuously pounded and shouted on the window. I thought it was hilarious.
EL: What about when you gave Coach Jarrett’s number out?
BM: Ha ha ha! Why was I telling Laura’s story? That’s such a better story! Ok, so we were in the airport, and a few of us gave our coach’s number to this Jamaican man working at McDonalds.  Our coach, Coach Jarrett, is also Jamican, so we decided this was the perfect fit for her since she was single.  He had a job, and worked in the city. It was meant to be!
MS: How did you pull that off?
BM: I just wrote it on the back of the receipt and walked away. That night, Coach got a text saying, “this is dee guy from dee airport.” She denied that she was turned on and it turned into a joke the rest of season!
MS: Well played. Anyways, what does it mean to you that you were chosen for the athlete spotlight even though you are injured?
BM: It’s weird actually. Mainly because I’ve only played for Chadwick, technically, for two and a half years. But another senior told me that I have the athlete state of mind instead of the wellness factor […]so I guess that counts.  I take it as a huge compliment, though.