Wednesday. 12:25 pm. Laverty. Yes, we are all accustomed to the typical G period assemblies conveniently placed right before lunch just when our tummies start to grumble. Some assemblies have proved themselves to make our eyelids feel as if they weighed 200 tons.

However, we know that we speak for the majority of the Upper School student body when we say that it was difficult to avert our eyes from the stage during the most recent G period assembly on Oct. 27.

And who can blame us? Dancing condoms, exploding bottles of lube, giant-sized bananas—talk about abounding entertainment for a high school crowd. Looking around at the students in grades 9-12 in Laverty, there was not one student in the house who was taking advantage of the usual cat-nap opportunity.

From the set that resembled a collection of huge ipods to the pop music playing during the scene changes, Kaiser Permanente’s production of “What Goes Around” proved to be one of the most captivating assemblies the student body has seen in a while. Each of the five actors had us sitting at the edge of our seats on that Wednesday afternoon. Their energy and drive to convey their important messages to high school students radiated through their performances.

As shocking as it may seem that a school would allow this mature content to appear on a high school stage, we are pleased that Chadwick agreed to put this show on. Moreover, we feel that it is Chadwick’s responsibility to host such a show because we believe it is important to educate students about the things that “go around.”

In this day and age, the sexual activity among teens is rampant, and Chadwick, contrary to what idealists may believe, is no utopian exception to that fact.

Sure, there were sections of the performance that made some students a little squeamish. Nevertheless, we would like to take the time to give many plaudits and a hearty pat on the back to the administration for acknowledging the importance of sexual education with regard to contraception and birth control.

It would be unfortunate to see a student become sexually active without having the proper knowledge about safe sex and how their actions can render some life-changing consequences.

Ignorance may be bliss sometimes, but when it comes down to something as significant as life-long health, knowledge is truly power.

So bravisimo to the powers that be, the people in the administration who brought this group of talented and passionate people to our stage.