By Hank Trumbull and Jim Simmons

In our bro-packed lives we sometimes find ourselves lounging around and doing nothing. While this is relaxing most of the time, bros always need action in their lives and we are constantly looking for new activities.

After spending enough time making stupid comments on Facebook, we realized that we needed to be using our time more efficiently. We made list of all the fun things we do when we are bored, and it is time to share our knowledge with everyone.

If you ever find yourself mashing your potatoes for excessive amounts of time, refer to our list of Bro-tivities that are fun for everyone!

1. Making New Friends- Whether they are from Peninsula High School and you meet them on MySpace, or they are from El Segundo and you meet them on Chatroulette, making new friends is always fun to do. It is always great to have friends to talk to on the Internet.

2. Puzzles- Complete a fun puzzle with your friends. Senior Harrison Kidd holds the school record in the puzzle competition when he finished a puzzle in forty-five seconds. With Mainsheet alumni Mark Kassardjian now gone, Kidd will now be the fastest finisher at the puzzle Olympics.

3. Game Show Network- Nothing like watching an amazing game of Deal or No Deal. Our favorite is kicking back and watching some exciting deals being made. Once this gets boring, you can switch to ESPN, which is a bro favorite.

4. Watching a Movie Marathon- One of our favorite activities on a Saturday is to cuddle up with three other friends at James Calhoun’s house with a bowl of popcorn. We watch lots of movies, and when we get bored of one movie we just switch to a different movie.

5. Experiment with Make-up- This is junior Matty Gallas’s specialty. He has been known to experiment with powder makeup on his face. “I like to look like a ghost!” said Gallas.

6. Dancing in a Bathroom- Whenever we are bored at school, we all go to the bathroom and have a dance party. Roessler bathroom is always a great meeting spot during long block periods. “I love dancing in the bathroom!” says freshman Brad Boboc.

7. Making Bets with Friends- There can be bets about anything, but in the end make sure that you always pay your bets. With enough money, people will eat things off the ground as senior Nicole Stanton did.

8. Bake a Cake- Bros sometimes need to show their softer side by making baked goods. By baking, we can express our love for eating and impressing women at the same time. This activity can become manlier and more fun if you throw the baked goods at a friend like Matty Gallas.

9. Going to the Beach- Going to the beach is a win-win for everyone. You can hang out with all your friends behind the lifeguard stand, and have memories that will last a lifetime. Going to the beach is also a key step in the GTL lifestyle (Gym, Tan, Laundry).

So this weekend, don’t sit around and do homework, but go outside with friends and have a good time!

Always remember to be safe and respectful of others, because sharing is caring and nobody likes a Negative Nancy. So when you are bored, turn that frown upside down and go take part in some bro-tivities.