This past week was the finale of the Major League Baseball season. It ended with a new champion and new runner up. The past couple of decades our ears have been filled with Yankee championships, and we had grown sick of it.

The Texas Rangers pulled through and defeated the defending National Championship Yankees in the American League Championship Series, while the San Francisco Giants defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS.

Both the Phillies and the Yankees made it to the championship last year, so we were happy to see new teams make it to the World Series.

This World Series was very short and not very exciting due to the large difference is scoring between the two teams.   The Giants won in five games and won most of their games with ease. This easy win was due to the lack of offense by the Rangers, but also the amazing pitching by the Giants. Facing Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and Jonathan Sanchez, the Rangers were unable to score many runs.

We both enjoyed this World Series because it did not matter who won because both teams were underdogs. Both teams had not won in a very long time.

The Giants hadn’t won the World Series since 1962, and the Rangers had never won one in their team’s history.

It is always good to see a different team win other than the Yankees. Senior Larry Feygin had this to say about the Giants victory, “The Giants are really cool.Their colors remind me of Halloween, and it is my favorite holiday!”

The Bush family attended every Rangers home game, but it didn’t seem to help them win. George W. Bush is the former owner of the Texas Rangers; he held this position before running for the presidency. If the World Series ever came down to which team had the most Presidents in attendance at a home game, the Rangers would win.

We wish the Rangers much luck in their pursuit for number one.  Next year it is the Oakland Athletics’ turn to win, because of their high level of swagg. We have faith.