by Sarah Lindstedt

Mainsheet: All right you three, tell me each of your guys’ names.

Evan: Um, I’m Evan.

Skylar: I’m Skylar.

Ava: I’m Ava. Hi!

MS: Nice to meet you all! So how have your first weeks of kindergarten at Chadwick?

Evan: They’ve been good. My favorite part so far was going to the library and getting new books.

MS: What kind of books did you get?

Evan: I got a bunny that had, like, twelve or twenty something pages, and I got a book about animals blending in. And now I need to get a new book.

MS: Do you have a favorite book?

Evan: Um yeah, my favorite book is this Star Wars book.

Ava: I have this really funny Rapunzel book.

MS: What’s so funny about it?

Ava: Well, the prince says all these things to throw down, and Rapunzel can’t hear him, so she throws all these weird things down on him.

MS: What were some of the weird things?

Ava: The prince said, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” And instead, she put down her underwear.

MS: No way.

Ava: Yes way.

MS: So do you like princesses?

Evan: Um, I don’t!

MS: Well, Evan, do you like princes?

Evan: Yes I do.

Skylar: I like Jasmine.

MS: That’s a great princess.

Ava: Princesses are ok.

MS: Why only ok?

Ava: Eh, I don’t know.

MS: Well, today you all dressed up in brown potato sacs, right?

Evan: Yeah! And we saw the purple team pull the rope! The black team was like pulling this way, and then when we yelled, “Pull!” the purple team went, “Pull pull pull pull pull.” And then the purple team won.

MS: Yes they did! So in the high school, which class is your favorite class? Which color team is your favorite?

Evan: My favorite color is blue.

Skylar: I liked the purple team.

Evan: Oh, me too. I like the purple team.

MS: That’s a good team to like. So the purple team has been walking around dressed up as royalty, like kings and queens. Do you guys like kings and queens?

Evan and Skylar: Yeah, they’re really cool.

MS: Well why do you like kings and queens?

Evan: Kings are my favorite because they’re like the big bosses of everything. And queens are pretty.

Skylar: I like them because they get to sit in a royal chair.

MS: Well if you had a royal chair, what would it look like?

Skylar: Big. And those pointy thingies on the top. And it would be purple.

MS: Would you ever want to live in a country where you were ruled by kings and queens?

Skylar: Yeah!

Evan: Yeah, that would be pretty cool.

Ava: No, no, I wouldn’t. That would be terrible.

MS: Ava, why wouldn’t you want that?

Ava: ’Cause then you’d have to be bossed around a lot.

MS: Yeah, you’re right. You don’t like to be bossed around?

Ava: No, I’d want to boss other people around.

Evan: Wait, I want to boss other people around, too!

MS: So would you want to live in a place ruled by kings and queens?

Evan: Yeah, but I’m going to grow up to be an astronaut, so I don’t have to worry about having to listen to any of those kings and queens when I’m in space.

MS: Well, whether or not you want to live in a place with kings and queens, we don’t live in a country with royalty ruling the land, right?

Evan, Skylar and Ava: No.

MS: So what do you think about our political system today?

Ava: I like it.

Skylar: I like the horse.

Evan: I remember when we’d go to these places and there’d be this magic person, and he’d do a funny magic trick and say “abra-ca-cobra” and then a necktie turned into a cobra.

Ava: What?

Evan: Yeah, then I was like, “Get out of here!” And there were big kids that showed us songs and dance moves and everything. Like “I am the birdie.” That was really fun.

MS: Do you want to say anything to the high schoolers?

Evan: Wait, you guys are highschoolers?

Skylar: Happy Halloween!