by Kelly Lee












To everyone’s excitement, Jack Sage Nordlund was born on June 9th at 10:00 a.m. Even with the baby in the house, the Nordlund’s always have everything under control: neat as a pin.

Erin Nordlund said, “[Being a mom] is fantastic! I would have never predicted that it would be this challenging or tiring, but I’m loving it, and we just feel so lucky to have such a wonderful and healthy son.”

The parents think that Jack’s physical features resemble Pete Nordlund more than Erin.

“He looks like Pete and nothing like me! He has Pete’s eyes and chin. I don’t see myself in him at all, but I notice my sister and my dad,” said Erin.

Jack is a loud and curious baby, and the parents are pleased to report that he reacts to music excitedly. Whenever the Nordlunds play music or sing, Jack starts bouncing elatedly.

“I like to think that this is because he heard so much ‘Rent’ music while hanging out in my stomach,” she said.

Jack’s favorite activity is lying on his back and hearing Mrs. Nordlund sing “Old McDonald” or “Itsby Bitsy Spider.”

Like his parents, Jack loves to eat. Erin said, “He would be a happy camper if he could just drink milk all day long.”

About two weeks ago Jack began smiling and giggling.

“He can scream for thirty minutes and then crack a smile, and suddenly all is perfect and forgiven. Nothing beats a good smile! I say ‘thank you’ to him every time,” said Erin.