by Colette DeBeus

For many years, trash has accumulated around the main lawn and the Brogan deck, unnoticed by many students. This year the faculty and the Upper School Student Council have decided to do something about it.

The new plan consists of the following: teachers may ask students at random to pick up pieces of trash near to them on campus, whether it is theirs or not.

“The idea is to remind students and to re-commit ourselves as a whole community to keeping the campus clean,” said Director of Upper School Mark Wiedenmann.

“I think that we as a faculty have recognized that we need to commit to helping to keep the campus clean by simply reminding the students and assisting the students,” Wiedenmann said.

The Student Council has high hopes that  this new policy will be written up and turned into a formal policy.

“As far as a policy for trash, I’m not sure that we don’t have one that is written up or formal in any way. We definitely should, though,” said ASB President Molly Heller.

“I think that the saddest part about the whole trash issue is how much the Village cares about it in comparison to the Upper School students,” Heller said.

“[Village] teachers have been telling me that their students pass by our part of the school and ask their teachers why the big kids don’t care about trash. It’s really sad that the youngest students in our school are more dedicated and aware of the problem than our oldest students.”

In line with the motto “act locally, think globally,” the Student Council and faculty alike agree that the Chadwick community at large should be willing to take care of its environment, pay more attention to the trash build-up, and walk the extra 20 feet to a trash can.

Heller, on behalf of all members of the Student Council, has high hopes that this new trash policy will decrease the amount of trash lying around campus.