by Molly Zuckerman

Mainsheet: So, to start things off, what game were you just playing over there?

Spencer La France: Modern Warfare 2.

MS: Is that one of your favorite computer games to play?

SLF: One of them. I mean, there’s a problem with hackers and such, but if you know the game you know the problems, so…

MS: Do you play a lot of computer games? Is that your favorite thing to do?

SLF: Um, not really, I play when I’m done with my homework and such. Other than that, I mean it’s just kind of a relaxing thing to do sometimes.

MS: That’s cool. What clubs are you in at Chadwick anyways?

SLF: I’m not in any clubs, but I am in Stage Crew, and I’ve been in Stage Crew since…AJ, how long have we been in Stage Crew?

Anthony Ferrara (AJ): Ninth grade.

SLF: Ninth grade.

MS: So is AJ one of your best friends at Chadwick, would you say? Are you BFFs?

SLF: Pretty much.

MS: Pretty much? What kinds of things do you guys do when you’re together.

SLF: No idea. We just kind of stand around outside what used to be the Pub Lab and, let’s see, we get lunch and just stand there.

MS: You just stand there? You wouldn’t talk about anything?

SLF: Random discussions, no real topics.

MS: What’s a normal conversation you would have if you’re talking with your friends? About anything?

SLF: Um…

AJ: That would imply that they’re normal conversations.

SLF: Yeah, like he said.

MS: What’s your favorite class at Chadwick?

AJ: Dr. B’s physics class hands-down.

SLF: Oh, definitely Dr. B’s physics class. Not physics, but physical science. Explosions. I also made a helicopter. It flew.

MS: So do you think most of your favorite memories came from that class?

SLF: Yeah.

MS: What would you say your favorite memory or experience has been at Chadwick?

SLF: Can’t really think of one, except one generally good experience. I mean, no single event stands out in my mind, except when my helicopter actually worked. And my classmates will agree with this, I was definitely happy until it flew into my face.

MS: What are you most looking forward to once you graduate Chadwick?

SLF: Liberation, freedom and being able to take care of myself without getting challenged.

MS: Where are you looking to go to school?

SLF: In Ohio, there is Wittenburg, Wesleyan and then Cornell. Not the one in New York, it’s in Iowa and they do this thing where it’s one course at a time. So that interests me as well.

MS: And I’ve been wondering, what’s with the hat?

SLF: I have always liked pit helmets, and I finally got one. Why not wear it?

MS: Oh, okay.

SLF: And it’s…it’s functional and it works and I think it looks cool.

MS: What’s your favorite food?

SLF: Bavarian liquor cake from, do you guys know Old World. You know, where they hold Oktoberfest sometimes?

MS: I don’t…

SLF: Well, they’ve got this great cake, they make it there, and…it’s to die for. Best cake I’ve ever had.

MS: What TV shows or movies do you watch or like?

SLF: Futurama, repeats of Firefly, repeats of Stargate SU1 and American Dad.

MS: What’s the last movie you saw, and what’d you think of it?

SLF: Last movie I saw…is that as in “in theaters” or…

MS: Either one.

SLF: In theaters, the last movie I saw was probably Avatar, which was a severe disappointment. I mean, I’m waiting for the sequel when the humans come back with our pension for destroying things that get in the way of natural resources and completely firebomb the planet and strip mine it. I mean, you know that’s going to happen. Did the Native American’s survive after Custer’s Last Stand? No.

AJ: Custer didn’t survive either.

SLF: Well, no, but one minor setback…

AJ: Everyone gets to die.

SLF: Exactly.

AJ: Free murder, wholesale!

SLF: You’re not going to put that in the issue, are you?

MS: Probably, we probably are.

SLF: Oh. Well then, CHARGE.

MS: Do you have anything else you want to say to any incoming freshman or last words as you leave Chadwick?

SLF: Hmm. Be yourself, don’t be annoying.