by Jim Simmons and Hank Trumbull

Football has been the pasttime of bros around the nation since the beginning of time.  Some kids spent their childhood studying or playing at the park, but we spent our weekends glued to the television cheering on the players on our fantasy team. While other kids were at soccer practice, we were in the gym working on our bench press.

Many people might say that this is an untraditional childhood, but, we disagree, we were thinking past our childhoods and toward our manhoods. We were preparing for the greatest and most popular sport in the nation: High School Football.

Here at Chadwick our program is different from other schools. We don’t have lights, our band has four members, and the cross-country team has more participants. However, we fight through this adversity and manage to beat teams from schools twice our size. The program has come a long way, and we are taking time to reflect on our five favorite parts of the Chadwick Football experience.

5. Nicknames: On the last day of hell week every year, every freshman on the team receives a nickname. This is a special moment for all the freshmen, as they’ve been waiting all week to receive their stupid and spontaneous nicknames that will stick with them the rest of high school. These are some of our favorites: “Nala” the lover of Simba from Redondo, “Skipper” the hunter of dead fish, and “Jigglypuff,” the classic pokemon nickname. It’s also good to give names relating to man pecs, such as “Bombs” and “Shuga Bits.”

4. Field Swag: “The only thing better than beating a team is looking better than a team,” said Dylan Barbour. Throughout the past three years, Barbour has known to be a respected bench player with the newest armbands, visor, and back pad. “I feel like it is my obligation to get the team hydrated and stay healthy! However, having ‘swagg’ is my top priority,” Barbour said. With the football team’s newest facemasks and jerseys sponsored by Nike, it is safe to say that we can accomplish both our goals.

3. Girls Volleyball: Conveniently placed in the same season as Football, the girls volleyball team is a great companion to the football team. We love going to their games to cheer them on, and they return the favor by coming to ours. A favorite time in the year is the girls volleyball sleepover, when the boy’s football team makes a guest appearance. We watch movies, eat popcorn, and hear the great stories they tell about past team members.

2. Mickey D’s Wednesday: Every Wednesday during the season, the team takes a trip to Chudi’s McDonalds after practice. We relax, eat some quality food, and watch as Peter Mavredakis works on his game by talking to the girls in the restaurant.

1. Homecoming: Four weeks into the season is the greatest week of all: Homecoming Week. “A quarter of the way through the season is the perfect time for this week,” said Junior Matty Gallas. We get to participate in activities all week, meaning school becomes more fun. “My favorite activity is bobbing for apples because it is a quick activity that only takes 45 seconds to finish,” said senior Harrison Kidd. Along with bobbing for apples, tug of war is a school favorite because everyone is wearing school colors. The combination of all these festivities pumps up the football team for a game that the whole school attends.

Overall, football season is the best time of the year and takes our minds off the fact that summer has just ended. Go Dolphins!