by Michelle Ling

In addition to the print version, The Mainsheet will be be going online in The Mainsheet Blog.  Junior Elyse Werksman developed the idea to bring what is on paper online. According to Werksman, if everything goes accordingly, it should be up and running within the next week.

In the last few years, people start getting much of their information and news online. “If every other newspaper organization was going online, I figured that The Mainsheet should as well” says Werksman.

Many have wondered what the purpose of posting a newspaper online is.  Freshman Blake Dittman says, “The whole point of a newspaper is to have something to carry around and read.  Putting it online defeats the purpose of a newspaper.”

In addition, Senior Katie Starke remember that “When The Mainsheet comes out, everyone has it in class.”

According to Werksman, The Mainsheet Blog will be a way for more people to read the paper, with more accessibility. It will be more convenient for those who do not have time to grab a newspaper.

“I think that this digitalization of  The Mainsheet will only augment the accessibility and efficiency of reading the school paper.  It might also motivate more students to read it!” Werksman said. She also pointed out that alumni, who are not always capable of getting a paper version of The Mainsheet, will now be able to read it online to keep up with the current events on campus.

The online version of The Mainsheet will be very similar to, if not exactly the same as, the paper hardcopy.  “I am going to try my best to keep it as true to the paper version as possible, in such a way that it involves the same sections, columnists, and articles.  I guess it’ll just have a bit more of an ‘edge’ to how someone gets to read it,” said Werksman.

Some believe that one version is better than the other, but people now have the choice: a hardcopy or an online version.  No matter whether or not paper or online, the newspaper will strive to provide the same information, the same opinions, while providing entertainment for the Chadwick community, Werksman said.