by Montana Morgan

Varsity football proved victorious in their homecoming game, beating Saint Joseph Academy 62-6 on October 2. Going into the game, the team knew it would be one of the easier ones of the season.

However, the captains tried to maintain a modest mindset. “We had to stay focused and not be distracted by all the stuff going on around the game,” said senior Chudi Iregbulem.

Some players kept in mind their homecoming game upset from only two years ago.  “We lost homecoming. That was the most embarrassing thing ever,” said senior Harrison Kidd. “We just had to win this year’s game. You can’t lose homecoming. We had to stay focused and win.”

Other players were fired up by the supportive atmosphere. “I was really excited going into the game because during homecoming everyone has a bunch of spirit,” said sophomore Jake Radeski. “It’s always exciting for the players when everyone comes out.”

After just two minutes of play, the Dolphins had already scored three touchdowns; they were well on their way to victory. By the end of the game, it looked like it was going to be a shutout; however, Saint Joseph came up with a touchdown in the last remaining seconds of the game. However, the extra point was blocked by Chadwick’s defensive line.  “Yeah, we let in a touchdown, but look at the score. We crushed them,” says junior James Lenihan.

There was a record number of fans at the game, aided by the festivities that came along with the 75th anniversary of Chadwick School. Before the game started, there was a spirited student versus alumni flag football game: a ceremony honoring alumni football.

Alumni from an array of graduating classes came to reminisce and celebrate. A few alumni at the event were on the Chadwick team from as early as the 1940s.

Although some players from Saint Joseph presented a challenge, the Dolphins’ teamwork lead them to an easy victory. “They had some guys that could really get ya, but we put our heads down and played football. We were a better team,” said senior Justin Hsu.

The Dolphins’ offensive line dominated the line of scrimmage and continuously punched holes through Saint Joseph’s defense, allowing the running backs to gain significant yardage on almost every play. The Chadwick players scored on nine of their fourteen possessions.

As part of an individual success, Iregbulem significantly increased his touchdown record during the game. At 13 touchdowns for this season thus far, he remains merely 5 touchdowns away from breaking Chadwick’s touchdown record.

The offensive line also provided protection for junior quarterback Hank Trumbull, who went six for seven with three touchdown passes.

The Dolphins lead by so much at halftime, 55-0, that the coaches decided to give the starters a rest and bring in the alternate players and the junior varsity quarterback.

The Chadwick squad did exactly what they came out to do: prove their excellence as a team. “We wanted to show everyone that we were the best team in our division,” said junior Jared Agnew.

Wick is now 5-0, the only team left with a perfect record in the Prep League and in CIF, where they are currently ranked first in their division. They continue to focus on their goals for the season: winning league and CIF.

“If we focus every week, and don’t let up at any point, put in the time to make sure we know all the plays and the game plan, I know we can make it all the way,” said Kidd.

The team’s toughest opponent will most likely be Rio Hondo (2-1). But according to Hsu, all the team has to do to keep winning is “Just play football.”

The team plans on continuing their undefeated streak to reach their goals. “Our chances at the title are better than any other year because I think after last years’ run, we know what it takes and we have a better idea of what to do,” said Kidd.