by Nikki Stein

Over the summer of 2010 the Chadwick  campus has undergone striking physical changes in the Village, Middle, and Upper Schools.

After the remodling of the Village School last year, there have been some noticeable changes this year as well. The old “blacktop” has now been painted green, now called the “greentop.” It is now green with freshly painted foursquare and basketball court lines.

A large, rectangular sand box has been added to the Village greentop as well, separate from the play structure in the sand. This sand box is located in front of the Village Science Lab.

Two large concrete tunnels have also been added to the Village playground, and students may have chalk to draw with inside while they play. After the formation of the new K-2 area last year, the playground has been completely remodeled.

In the Middle School a new basketball court has been added right outside of the science room. This is still a work in progress, but once it is completed, it will allow the Middle School students to play basketball during their breaks without having to walk up to the Village School courts.

Room 211 in the Middle School has become a science lab, and room 309, the chemistry room, has been painted and supplied with new desks, sinks, and other resources.

An automatic arm has been installed at the marquee exit to prevent cars from driving the wrong direction into the senior parking lot.

The most noticeable change is the trellis project above the gym and parallel to the senior parking lot. The old wooden stairs will be replaced along with a new bench area at the top of the stairs.

It seems as though construction at Chadwick works like magic: summer vacation starts, and voila, by September there are major changes to the campus. But it is really the hard work of Chadwick’s maintenance department and of outside construction teams who make these upgrades possible.