by Samantha Brooks

Mainsheet: So, Chudi. What do you do in football?

Chudi Iregbulem: Practice and we play games. We win games.

MS: When and how did you become interested in football?

CI: I became interested in football in middle school because it was the “cool” thing that all my friends were playing.

MS: Which position do you play and what does your position do exactly?

CI: I play running back or linebacker. As the running back, I line up in the backfield and run the ball, and as a linebacker I tackle the ball-carrier on the other team.

MS: What’s the biggest challenge you face while playing the game?

CI: Learning different assignments each week for the game.  And finding swagg. Yeah, swaggalicious items for games.

MS: Which teammate would you say has the most swagg?

CI: Me, obviously.

MS: Who else on the team is swaggalicious, beside you?

CI: Just me. Oh, and Justin (Hsu).  Justin has swagg.

MS: You’re the only ones with swagg?

CI: Well, Harrison has baby swag.

MS: How is the football team different this year than last year?

CI: Well, we’re a lot less proven this year. We have a lot of new guys on the team, and throughout the year we’re trying to see who can play each spot and who can perform well in each spot.

MS: And how is your record so far?

CI: Well, we’ve won every game so far, and we don’t plan on breaking that streak anytime soon. We’re still really proud of everything we accomplished last year, but I think we all know that we can always push ourselves a little harder, run a little faster, or want it more.

MS: It’s widely known that the team lost several key starting players after last season. What are some of the team goals and expectations this year? Are they at all similar to last year’s goals?

CI: Our goals would be to work hard every week.  And that was the same last year, too. Obviously, we try to win games, but most importantly to go out each week and do the best you can; even if that doesn’t necessarily mean getting the win. The entire team has to give everything they’ve got, and the wins will follow.

MS: And what about your own, personal goals? Do you have any particular ones for yourself this season?

CI: I mean, it would be great if I could have a school record in rushing yards or something like that, but really what’s most important to me this year is to just give my all every day. I want some of the younger players to be able to look up to me and think, if I work as hard as he does, I can be that good too.

MS: What sports have you played throughout your high school career?

CI: I play football and basketball and run track, and I’ve played lacrosse in the past.

MS: Do you feel that the experience of being on a team and having such close teammates has made you a better person in other aspects of your life as well?

CI: Yes, I definitely feel like I have a family with the team, which obviously relates to my own family and my family in other aspects of life.

But also the teamwork factor: it improves my ability to work as a teammate and reach and maintain goals with other people.

MS: How does football give meaning to your life?

CI: It’s just another endeavor that I put 100% effort into that is important to me. I have teammates that I strive to do my best for and who do their best for me.

MS: Do you plan on continuing to play football next year in college?

CI: Yes, I plan on playing football next year, but it depends on if I have a chance to play at a college I really want to attend.

I like the idea of being on a team and having a family within my school after my senior year here.

MS: What are some pre- or post-game traditions that the team has?

CI: Well, we always sing “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston acapella in the locker room and dance to “Blow the Whistle” after games.

MS: Do you have any last words of wisdom you’d like to share?

CI: Yee. Everybody needs to like my blog, skyn9ne! Read skyn9ne!